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"Just wanted to thank the generous person who donated to me through your service…
What a total and complete blessing…
Thank you again…
Your forever brother in Christ,

"Please forward this message to the person responsible for this incredible gift we have been blessed to receive. I know that all good gifts are from above, and I am thankful that the Lord used this wonderful servant of his to bless our lives in this way. You can’t imagine the timeliness of this blessing. This is going to help us through a very difficult time. We have had some financial struggles lately as we navigate through life and the challenges of raising a family (especially our special needs son).  

At first, my wife and I couldn’t believe that this was real, but we discovered that it was, and we are so very thankful.  So, we want to send a huge hug and a most sincere Thank You to whoever made this blessing possible. May the Lord continue to bless you and all of your efforts to glorify Him! 

Thank you!

Your Brother in Christ,



"To the person that sent this gift to, thanks so much ! I am beyond words!  God bless you , and thank you so much for allowing God to bless me through you. Jon"


"I would like to thank the individual who was kind enough to bless me with this wonderful gift, I am truly grateful and appreciative, may God continue to bless you and keep you. Thank You, Mrs. Daisy"


"This generous gift was such a blessing! I praise God for sending it just at the right time. Blessings upon all!! Amy"

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