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The heart behind this website is simple: to create a safe, secure, and anonymous way in which to share your Blessings with other people that you have crossed paths with - people that God has put on your heart to help. This could be anyone from a neighbor to someone that you met on the other side of the world while on vacation. The way it works is simple, all you need is an accurate name and mailing address. The person will receive a check from Blessings In Disguise, LLC with an explanation that someone wanted to Bless them anonymously with no strings attached. This may be a one-time blessing or a recurring blessing, but to never count on it as recurring.

The gift-giver (that’s you), is more than welcome to send a personalized, yet anonymous, note along with the envelope. We will also help the person being Blessed get any sort of thank you note back to the gift-giver. In the event the check is not cashed within a 30-day timeframe, a stop-payment will be put on the check and the funds, minus fees already paid, will be returned to the gift-giver’s method of payment. That is it, simple and straight-forward.

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